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Dancing on the Edge of the Ephemeral

Love and Loss, Drugs and Alcohol, Sex and Lies, and a Teenage Boy's Death Wish

28 November
Well, my name is Lazarus. I am a boy, I'm 15 going on 16. I love slash and yaoi but I do read other things besides that. I love video games and I especially love Prototype this game for my xbox. I love every sort of game imaginable. I like action, first person shooter, rpg, hunting, sims (what kind are those?), board games... You name it.

I exercise for fun and I am a health fanatic. I am vegetarian and I guess sort of vegan, but I will eat cheese. I don't eat fish because it's icky. I only drink almond and soy milk.

I'm an attention whore. I'll admit this now. Though if I write it in journal format, that probably means it happened to me. If it isn't a story, it's the damn truth. I want to be a good writer someday, though I've been scared out of it by the whole purple prose thing and how I DON'T want to do it.